WWE: Paul Heyman Details Brock Lesnar Relationship

Anybody who’s seen Brock Lesnar or Paul Heyman as individuals has to be painfully aware of the fact that for better or for worse, they’re unique people who do things their own way.

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In a sense, it feels almost like they shouldn’t work so well as friends given their own particularities in everything they do. As we’ve seen over the last decade-plus, though, not only as Heyman and Lesnar capable of coexisting together on television, but they’re also very good friends outside of the ring as well.

In an interview with Yahoo Sports recently, Heyman would actually go into detail about this odd relationship and why it works so well for them.

“The respect, admiration and the honesty between Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman is 100 percent authentic,” Heyman said. “We are fantastic business partners, associates and best of friends because we are violently honest with each other, no punches pulled, no sensitivities honored, uninhibited approach to both business and friendship in which anything can be said as long as it’s heartfelt.

This isn’t just a new development, though. According to Heyman, this has been the case since day one and it’s part of what helped forge this bond into what it has become today.

“That has always been the way between us, since the first day we met. I cannot imagine having that level of openness with anyone else of Brock’s stature and I don’t know if he could trust getting that openness from anyone else except the person that has been with him since the day that he debuted on WWE television. It’s a lot like everything else involving Brock Lesnar, it’s quite unique, different from anyone else, it doesn’t fit any standard definition.”

Is Lesnar Misunderstood and Underrated?

There’s a distinct possibility that the wrestling community has misunderstood Lesnar throughout his career. While he’s all about the money, a topic that’s been well documented, he’s also very intrigued in the box-office spectacle of it all. While it may look like he doesn’t particularly like being present at shows, the most important thing for Lesnar is doing things big.

“Brock Lesnar enjoys box office,” Heyman said. “If there was more box office in Brock Lesnar doing a 5-hour ladder match against 500 members of the past and present WWE roster and having to outperform each and every one of them, that would make Brock Lesnar happy.”

While Heyman understands that Lesnar may not be the most popular wrestler in the history of the industry, he fully understands that Lesnar is respected for what he is. Whether you love or hate him, Lesnar’s greatness is impossible to ignore.

“I think the general public and even those who aren’t fans of Brock Lesnar but admire his greatness, don’t truly have the mindset of understanding how unique and how rare and how once-ever Brock Lesnar truly is,” Heyman said. “Brock Lesnar is so important to WWE because no one on the face of the planet can match up against Brock Lesnar. There is no one on any roster in mixed martial arts or sports entertainment that can compare to the resume, the accomplishments or the ability of Brock Lesnar. He’s a once-ever athlete and a once-ever performer.”

Because Lesnar’s rare combination of size, speed and skill is so unheard of in the industry, Heyman would go so far as to call Lesnar underrated.

“I think Brock Lesnar is the most underrated, underappreciated talent in the history of WWE. I think Brock Lesnar deserves credit for being the best in-ring performer in this or any other generation. No one moves like him, no one has matches like him. There’s nothing standard about a Brock Lesnar match. It’s a completely different style than anyone else is employing.”

The full interview, including discussion about Money in the Bank, can be found here.

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