WWE: Paige Reveals How She Came to Manage Asuka & Kairi Sane

When WWE announced that general managers would no longer be necessary on both Monday Night Raw and Tuesday Night SmackDown Live, it immediately created questions. The most obvious question came in the form of Paige’s role on WWE television given the fact that she was the general manager on SmackDown Live following her forced retirement from in-ring work due to injury.

While Paige would be taken out of her role as general manager, she would resurface recently as the new manager of SmackDown Live’s new tag team featuring Asuka and Kairi Sane. When talking to ComicBook.com recently, Paige outlined just how her role with this team came to be.

“I was sad, because I loved that [General Manager] role. I had such a good time with it and it pushed my boundaries a little bit because I had multiple promos in a day and I wasn’t used to that. So it really helped me grow creatively and professionally. But I was excited about another role. I was like, ‘Okay, no worries,’ because I knew the WWE would take care of me. They always do.

I pitched to manage Ronda Rousey, kind of like the Paul Heyman-Brock Lesnar thing. And then also be with Asuka, because Asuka had trouble speaking on the mic sometimes. As much as she’s an amazing athlete, an incredible wrestler, and I was like, “I’ll help her, give me the microphone, I’ll talk for her.” And then Paul Heyman called me one day and said, “We have a great role for you. You can be the next me with these two women.” I was like, “Wow, what a crazy tag team, they’re incredible…. Absolutely, I’ll take it!”

Sane and Asuka are two of the most talented wrestlers on the planet. Giving them a mouthpiece in Paige who understands the business so fundamentally from her life-long endeavors within the industry just made perfect sense given the language barrier for this new tag team who aren’t native English speakers.

Seeing Paige on WWE is always heartwarming given how heartbreaking her retirement was. Getting an opportunity to potentially be the next Paul Heyman is as daunting as it is exciting, but she’s done a great job so far.

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