WWE Officially Makes WrestleMania 35 Main Event Winners Takes All

Monday’s go-home to WrestleMania 35 Raw started with a bang as Stephanie McMahon opened the show and informed the WWE Universe that the Triple Threat match that would see Ronda Rousey battle Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, is now officially a Winners Takes All match.

After Charlotte defeated Asuka and won the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship this past Tuesday, the expectation was McMahon would announce a major development to the title match after it was announced she would headed to Raw. Most assumed the inevitable, in that an undisputed champion would need to be crowned.

Will Becky Lynch get the full weight of the WWE promotional machine behind her? Or, will Ronda Rousey stamp her success as a heel character and become the first Undisputed Women’s Champion?

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