WWE Officially Changes SmackDown Tag Titles WrestleMania Match

Friday’s SmackDown opened with what was supposed to be an episode of Miz TV before the Usos came out and interrupted the start of the show. Saying they couldn’t wait to challenge both teams, they were quickly followed by Kofi and Big E of New Day.

Finally Miz and John Morrison came out while the two teams were arguing over who would win and contended they would thrive no matter who was in the match. They said they were going to take a front row seat and watch a preview of might happen at WrestleMania. As they climbed the ladders to watch, the three teams began to brawl and the current tag champs were left standing.

By the time the show was over, there was no alluding to the rumored match change and it wasn’t until Saturday afternoon, WWE finally posted that the match had changed.

Putting out on their social media pages that Jimmy Uso would face Kofi Kingston and John Morrison will now fight as singles competitor for the titles, representing their respective teams. If Morrison loses, his team losed the championships.

This could open up ideas for interference but that seems unlikely because then WWE would have to explain The Miz not being there and why he didn’t come out to help his tag team partner. WWE has avoided talking at all about wrestlers being ill or why they are off the show if due to health concerns and the COVID-19 virus.

This was a match we’ve known about for some time, just didn’t have all the information as to who the competitors would be. We now know who, we just don’t know what night.

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