WWE: Nia Jax Had 2 Successful ACL Surgeries

After there were reports swirling that Nia Jax was dealing with injuries and Jax herself confirming these injuries on Twitter, it would appear that the 34-year-old has undergone ACL surgery on both of her knees.

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This is good news for Jax as she had been dealing with these injuries for quite some time. ACL tears and the surgery to repair them often take significant time to heal, however, and few people ever truly come back from these injuries the same way they were prior.

Jax would post a picture on social media that showed both of her legs heavily braced and bandaged stating that she’s at home resting and that all went well. She’d also say that she’s already walking with assistance which is great to hear.


Jax would originally confirm her injuries through Twitter by releasing a statement saying the following:

“Some of you may or may not know, but I will be out of action for a little while. Unfortunately, I have been pushing through some pain over the last year due to severe injuries in my knees and I will be undergoing surgery to repair both of my ACLs. I’m grateful to everyone who has supported me!

Thank you!”

Xoxo Nia

Nia Jax via Twitter

While it’s too early to speculate on how long Jax will be out for, it’s safe to say that this recovery time will keep her out for upwards of half-a-year with the potential for it to range closer to one year. Everybody heals differently but ACL tears are particularly tricky.

For now, all anybody can hope for is a speedy recovering for Jax. While she may not be the most popular WWE Superstar among all the fans in the WWE Universe, she’s still a human being at the end of the day and she’s putting her body and life on the line every time she steps into a ring.

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