WWE News and Rumors: Velasquez, Rollins, Strowman, AEW Booking, More

In today’s WWE news and rumors update, there is a lot of buzz surrounding the war of words between AEW and WWE, Cain Velasquez realizes a mistake he made on a recent episode of SmackDown and Seth Rollins pops back at Jim Ross over his Becky Lynch contacts. There are rumors about how Braun Strowman vs. Tyson Fury will be booked at Crown Jewel and more.

Cain Velasquez Realized He Messed Up

Velasquez was recently a guest on Busted Open Radio and while talking to the hosts, Bubba Ray asked Velasquez what he was thinking when he watched back the footage of him holding back when laying punches in on Shelton Benjamin. Unlike when he debuted and fiercely took out Brock Lesnar, his offense on Benjamin was lacking.

Rey Mysterio was also in studio when the question was asked and Rey said he spoke with Velasquez immediately following the segment and told Cain not to hold back and to knock him out because not only is that what fans want to see but that’s what the wrestlers want to see. Velasquez said he’s listening, he’s absolutely devoted to getting better and these comments are going to create a monster.

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Rollins Punches Back

Seth Rollins took to Twitter on Saturday and subtly punched back at Jim Ross who commented on his recent podcast that Rollins calling AEW the “minor leagues” was classless and not a good look. Ross fees for Rollins because he believes the pressure of being the face of WWE is getting to him and that he wishes he was as “over” as his girlfriend Becky Lynch.

Rollins was promoted for an appearance on December 11th by Gorilla Position and Rollins said “Come hang out with me and my super over fiancée!”

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AEW/WWE War of Words

The war of words continues between AEW and WWE continues, the latest being Chris Jericho calling NXT the “minors” and not competition for AEW. He accused Vince McMahon of hiding Raw and SmackDown from AEW and putting NXT up against them on purpose.

It’s a strange accusation considering NXT was already slotted for Wednesday’s when AEW set their slot for TNT. So too, Raw and SmackDown were hardly about to jeopardize their billion-dollar contract with USA and Fox.

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Strowman Teaming With Fury

There is speculation that the match between Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman won’t actually have a winner, but that the two will team up and take out a number of other wrestlers who try to interfere in the match.

WWE is concerned about how to book this match, knowing they don’t want their resident monster to look weak and they want to keep the door open for Fury to come back should they choose to have his appearance be more than a one-off.

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