WWE News and Rumors: Saudi Deal, Backstage Morale, Brock Lesnar, More

There is plenty of news and rumor chatter when it comes to WWE this week. Most of it is focused on the Saudi Arabia relationship, the Crown Jewel show and morale backstage now that WWE talent are back to work. What’s really going on?

Latest Saudi/WWE News

Since Crown Jewel took place and since the moment WWE Superstars were delayed on their flight back to the U.S. there has been speculation and rumors everywhere about what’s really going on.

The latest comes directly from WWE that there were no payment issues between WWE and Saudi Government and that WWE is officially expanding their relationship with the Saudi General Entertainment Authority (GEA) through 2027 to include a second annual large-scale event. 

This was already something WWE was doing but it appears in the face of all the rumors and dropping stock prices, they felt an announcement was required to show things are still in good standing. WWE contends the delay was due to mechanical issues.

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Morale Backstage Is Described as Odd

There are rumors Seth Rollins held a talent meeting before Raw tonight and at the request of WWE. That meeting was said to be a bit awkward and that most of the roster was asked to stay off social media when it relates to talking about the trip to Saudi.

WWE has confirmed big names for the show tonight including Brock Lesnar who is officially a part of the Raw roster now. How WWE addresses the fact that he quit SmackDown is still unclear, but there is speculation they may simply ignore the rules, try to move on and hope no one asks too many questions.

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WWE Stars Say They Aren’t Going Back

While talents like AJ Styles have taken to social media to try and clear up rumors about the Crown Jewel trip, there are other reports that a number of stars have said they will never go back, among them Roman Reigns.

While we don’t know if it’s accurate, other names mentioned are Braun Strowman, Rey Mysterio, and Kofi Kingston. Many of these talents have spoken directly to Vince McMahon and mentioned they’ll no longer go.

NXT Talent on Raw?

There is speculation that NXT might make an appearance on Raw tonight, but that might not be the case. If it is, don’t expect a full-blown invasion like what fans witnessed on Friday.

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