WWE: Natalya Interview Bayley About Money in the Bank, Championship Win

WWE Superstar Natalya recently stretched her journalism legs and got an opportunity to tell a story not in the ring, but through a different medium.

Following WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Natalya would catch up with Bayley who not only won the Women’s Money in the Bank match but also cashed in on Charlotte Flair just minutes after she would beat Becky Lynch for the title. In an interview published through the Calgary Sun, Natalya would peel back the curtain and get some insight on Becky’s win.

The first question Natalya would ask focused around the Money in the Bank Ladder match itself and how Bayley was feeling.

“Being in a ladder match has always been a crazy dream of mine. I grew up watching The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian dominate ladder matches,” Bayley would say. “I could never have dreamt the feeling of climbing to the top of the ladder and grabbing that contract. The crowd, the emotion, the pain, the future, the love, everything rushed through my veins when I won that match.”

Natalya would follow up with a question about Bayley’s decision to cash in her contract so soon rather than waiting for a future opportunity.

“I’ve always been one to make the most of any opportunity I have received in WWE,” said Bayley. “Cashing in that briefcase was the first time I took a chance and created an opportunity for myself and it felt so good! I felt reconnected with the fans and with myself. I felt like I am right where I need to be and all of my hard work paid off.”

By winning the Championship that night, Bayley also become the first ever Women’s Grand Slam Champion. Natalya would be sure to touch on this too in her interview with Bayley.

“I hope that by becoming the first ever women’s grand slam champion, it not only pushes our entire roster to be better but inspires our fans around the world to chase whatever dreams it is that they have. No dream is too big to conquer.”

This was a good interview by Natalya and it’s great seeing WWE Superstars explore other avenues outside of their main career path.

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