WWE Makes YouTube Change to Help Declining Ratings

If you like to watch WWE on YouTube during both Raw and SmackDown Live, you may be disappointed with a new mandate coming from the company. In an effort to help increase ratings, WWE is going to delay the timing of videos uploaded to YouTube of the shows as they take place.

Typically, WWE is loading content from the shows on YouTube and other social media outlets as they happen. That’s going to stop because the belief is loading them on YouTube is keeping fans from actually watching the show live on the networks on which they air.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, this is why videos weren’t loaded right away during the most recent Raw on Monday.

Fans may have noticed WWE started uploading the first clips from last night’s show late into the third hour. The rest of the clips from last night’s RAW were uploaded within an hour of the show going off the air.

Will This Change Everywhere?

As it stands right now, the change will not be made to Twitter. That said, if ratings do go up, WWE may implement this change on all social media, sans any exclusive content that is not available on the tv networks.

As WWE faces increased pressure from NBC and FOX to up their ratings, this is likely just the start of subtle changes fans can expect.

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