WWE Report: Lio Rush Status Update

With more rumors of reported heat surrounding WWE Superstar Lio Rush and the young wrestler taking to Twitter recently to address these rumors, we could be seeing a change in his role moving forward according to a new report.

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It’s been two consecutive weeks now that Rush has been held off of WWE television. While Bobby Lashley didn’t have a scheduled match on Raw last week, he did perform in the dark main event without Rush by his side in his usual managerial role. This week on Raw, Lashley was scheduled for a segment but Rush was still left off of television.

PWInsider is now reporting that Rush was backstage on Raw this week but was not used. The report would also state that it’s distinctly possible that Rush could be moved back to NXT television in the near future, which would probably be best for everybody involved.

If Rush really does have heat backstage right now, it’s best to let him go back to NXT and continue honing his craft in the WWE system before making the jump to the main roster full time. While he has experience in the ring from his time on the independent circuit, the lifestyle of being in WWE is far different from any other company in the world. He’ll need to learn how to properly adapt to the culture before getting an opportunity again.

In WWE, plans change regularly. While this report seems likely to occur given all of the information that’s leaked recently surrounding Rush and his lack of popularity backstage, there’s still a chance that plans could change and he could find himself remaining on the main roster despite the concerns.

Either way, Rush will still have to work on changing his attitude if he wants to stop rubbing people the wrong way.

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