WWE: Kofi Kingston Challenges Seth Rollins to Winner Takes All Match

The first episode of Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania 35 is always the best show of the year.

The 2019 edition wasted no time in creating a splash as Seth Rollins would come out and proclaim that Brock Lesnar was no longer the Champion and that Rollins would not only be the reigning, defending and undisputed Champion, but a fighting one. This was met with the New Day’s song hitting and the new WWE Champion Kofi Kingston heading to the ring, joined by his New Day stablemates in Big E and Xavier Woods.

The New Day would mention that he wasn’t here as a part of next week’s superstar shakeup but that the celebration couldn’t wait for Tuesday. Kingston would then mention the fact that he and his song watched the Main Event of WrestleMania that saw a winner-takes-all Women’s Championship match. Kingston would then challenge Rollins for a winner-takes-all Championship match on Monday Night Raw.

Rollins would accept the challenge and both he and Kingston will seemingly face off later in the evening.

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