Kofi Kingston’s Thoughts On Big E Turning Heel

If you ask new WWE Heavyweight Champion if he thinks Big E will ever turn heel against the New Day, then you simply don’t understand the power of New Day.

According to Kofi Kingston, New Day is together forever and any rumors of Big E going heel shouldn’t be believed because New Day and every other faction where something like that is a possibility is a different thing altogether.

In talking with TMZ Sports, Kingston said it will always be them riding things out as a trio and that he doesn’t understand why people would think Big E would turn. Kingston said:

We’ve said it since the beginning of time — the philosophy of the New Day has always been to lift your brother up so that is the goal… You see all these factions and when somebody has success, one of them goes off and does something on their own or someone wants success, one of them goes and does something on their own. That’s very typical. Anything about New Day, if anyone has seen New Day on TV or whatever, everything that we do is atypical.

Kingston talks about how the group comes skipping, clapping, twerking and wearing unicorn horns. They dress in pink and blue and throw pancakes into the crowd and have their own cereal. There is nothing typical about the group so why would the group follow the typical storyline of one person breaking off because of jealousy over the success of another?

Kofi said, if you watch any of their promos, they are constantly pumping each other up and New Day is all about the group. According to Kingston, that’s never going to change.

For now, it doesn’t matter whether or not Kingston is right or not. Big E was confirmed as injured by WWE.com and will be away from in-ring action for some time. Even if the idea was to turn him heel, the company would have to try and sell the idea of it after he returns.

Many fans will agree with Kingston’s take, but to play devil’s advocated, New Day being as close as they are is an even better reason to eventually turn someone heel. Doing so will have a much greater and more emotional impact.

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