WWE: Kevin Owens Turning Heel Was the Right Move

Kevin Owens is one of the most talented wrestlers on the planet. Whether it’s his work in the ring or on the mic, he captivates every audience he performs in front of and he makes it all look easy in the process.

While he got the entire crowd behind him in Montreal on the Superstar Shake-Up, joining the New Day and helping them beat Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev & Cesaro in his home province in Canada, he would quickly resort to his old ways a week later and betray the New Day, brutally attacking them and turning heel once again.

Since his return from injury, Owens has been a face, facing off against Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship, hosting his own talk show on television (and often stealing the show with subtle humorous bits) and joining the New Day. While all of this was great in transition, Owens is best suited as a heel in WWE and this latest turn may be best for everybody involved.

With Kingston looking for a legitimate contender atop the SmackDown Division to compete with for his WWE Championship, Owens just made all the sense in the world. While SmackDown Live features some very impressive names who could be players in the Main Event picture, they are running awfully light on heels, especially with Bryan currently dealing with an undisclosed injury.

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Owens now gets a chance to step in and put on a very memorable storyline with Kingston that dates back to when Owens was hand-picked to replace the New Day member against Daniel Bryan at Fastlane. With all of that behind them and Kingston standing proud as the Champion, it’s Owens time to come in and ruffle feathers and do what he does best as a heel.

What’s so impressive about Owens heel work is that he’s able to flip a switch and go from incredibly likable to utterly detestable in the same promo. It’ll be interesting to see what character Owens takes on this time around but he’s primed to be a big-time player now that he’s the top heel on SmackDown Live.

Owens place in this picture could also prove to be bigger than both himself and Kingston, as well.

Owens Could Be a Transitional Champion

When Roman Reigns made the jump to SmackDown Live, many were shocked. WWE had just moved their golden boy over to the perceived “B” show after his historic return from Cancer.

While Roman was once the most boo’d superstar in every arena he stepped into, the reaction has shifted since his return to thunderous applause. He’s finally everything WWE wants him to be and the crowd is finally on board given the circumstances. Still, thrusting him into the WWE Title picture on SmackDown Live when Kingston is the one holding the championship would be an incredibly bad idea if they want the crowd reaction to remain positive for Reigns.

It’s obvious that the crowd is fully behind Kingston and that he has taken over Daniel Bryan’s old role as the Superstar of the people. We’ve seen how the crowd responded to people when they took any spot or opportunity that people felt Bryan deserved, and people like Reigns, Rey Mysterio and Batista were booed incessantly courtesy of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

WWE can avoid this with Reigns if they make Owens a Transitional Champion and let him take the ire for beating Kingston. This would work in a few ways as Owens would get major heel heat from this, Kingston would be “wronged” and get over even further in the eyes of the fans and Roman would come out as the big hero, beating Owens for taking the Championship from Kingston in the first place.

All parties would come out ahead in this scenario, though Kofi would be down one WWE Championship.

If the company is smart, they’ll let this Owens vs Kingston storyline run its course before pulling the trigger and having the title change hands. If nothing else, Kingston deserves his time in the spotlight for longer than one month.

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