WWE: Jimmy Uso Arrested

Just three days after John Cena made reference to the alcohol-related arrests of both Uso brothers, Jimmy Uso was arrested for driving under the influence Thursday morning.

On Monday at the Raw Reunion, Cena would spout the following line at the two Usos after the brothers demanded that Cena throw the clock back and drop a few bars for them.

“Respect for calling me out, but ain’t no way I’m getting bested. Ya’ll look just like your mugshots! How was it getting arrested?”

Unfortunately, Jimmy would be arrested Thursday morning. He was originally pulled over after he was caught speeding and driving erratically and “swerving left and right” according to a report from TMZ.

This isn’t the first issue Jimmy has had with the law this year as he was arrested in February for a drunken dispute with police that saw him reportedly “square up” to the cops in anticipation of a physical altercation. He’d be arrested for disorderly conduct and obstruction at the time.

WWE would release the same statement they typically do when dealing with situations like this, simply stating the following:

“Jonathan Fatu is responsible for his own personal actions.”

The last arrest didn’t seem to derail WWE’s creative plans for the Usos in the slightest so it will be interesting to see if there’s any sort of ramifications now that this is a repeat situation. Especially considering the last incident happened just a few months prior to this one.

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