WWE Is Concerned About Red-Hot Stars Being Ice-Cold

It doesn’t take much to notice that the biggest pops in wrestling that used to be reserved for guys like Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch aren’t there any more. And, if an article by Blake Oestriecher of Forbes is accurate, WWE should have a reason for concern.

Yes, there is a growing sense of worry surrounding WWE that the company’s once-hot stars are growing stale and cold with the WWE Universe.

While not limited to these names, Oestriecher lists Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, Elias, The Miz, and Sami Zayn as his top-five ice-cold WWE Superstars.

The Miz and Elias are easy names to pluck out of the crowd. Since the Superstar Shakeup, not only have these two not done much of anything with substance, they’re seemingly on the wrong brands heading in the wrong direction. The Miz is trying to be a babyface when he’s clearly a better heel and Elias is simply spinning his wheels as a Shane McMahon lackey instead the entertaining Drifter playing music for his legions of fans. At one point, WWE thought so highly of Elias, they believed he was the company’s next big star. Where has that gone?

Not far behind these two is someone like Sami Zayn. He returned to WWE with authority and his promos were the most must-see things on WWE television. Rumored to be the mouthpiece for a disgruntled Vince McMahon, all it took one was bad segment and one poor choice of wording and WWE drops Zayn’s push like a bad habit.

Lynch and Rollins Win the Day

Easily the champions in the competition for who’s most cold are Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. Typically, your title holders are the most popular babyfaces or heels in the company. Not these days.

At one time, two of the hottest stars in WWE, there are few in the WWE Universe behind this relationship storyline. They’ve grown stale and boring, far more entertaining on social media that WWE programming. Even Rollins jokes that he’s a heel these days. He’s certainly not supposed to be.

The sad part here is WWE is going to see this thing through. Whether that takes a couple of weeks or a few months, Rollins and Lynch as a couple on tv isn’t going anywhere. Fans will just have to wait out whatever it is WWE is planning to do at the finish line.

Is This a Fixable Problem?

WWE needs to find a way to get these stars back in the good graces of the WWE Universe. As of now, fans are clinging to Kofi Kingston, Bray Wyatt and Ricochet with everything they can. Those guys are not enough.

Brock Lesnar is a champ who isn’t around all that much. Ronda Rousey is on a break, Finn Balor is leaving. AJ Styles is playing the heel role and Braun Strowman is a pet project of Paul Heyman’s that may take some time to rebuild. Roman Reigns is still the most polarizing character on WWE television and AEW is gaining ground.

Again, there’s good reason for WWE to be worried here.

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