WWE Introduces Beast Box and Brock Party on Raw

Milking the viral .gif for all it’s worth, WWE has gone full-board changing Brock Lesnar from the Beast Incarnate to an updated and altered version of the scariest man in WWE. He is now known as the host of the “Brock Party”.

The new Brock Lesnar opened Monday Night Raw and came down to the ring with a new Money in the Bank briefcase that was re-designed to look like a boombox and instead of letting Heyman do the talking, all Brock wanted to do was party.

The briefcase was being referred to as the “Beast Box” and Lesnar was wearing his new Brock Party merch that was made available on WWEshop.com on Monday. His theme song was changed and he wore a hoodie, likened to a thug/skater boy from the 80’s.

Instead of calling out his opponent for the briefcase, Lesnar barely referenced both champions who stood in the ring waiting for a decision. Instead, he jammed out to their respective theme songs, annoying Seth Rollins enough to walk out.

Paul Heyman then said, “Isn’t it just like Seth Rollins to pee on the Brock Party”.

The New Lesnar

WWE has reshaped Lesnar based on an image of the Money in the Briefcase holder that went viral last week. Needless to say, this new Lesnar will have the fan base split.

Some will love this new Lesnar because he’s finally got a personality and he looks like he’s enjoying himself. Others will say this is pathetic, especially in the face of an AEW pay-per-view that aired on Saturday and brought more realistic characters in a wrestling alternative.

This author actually likes the change in direction but will want to see where the company goes with it before settling in on whether or not it’s a good idea.

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