WWE Holds Talent Meeting Prior to Money in the Bank

As per a report on Wrestling Observer, WWE held a talent-only meeting prior to the Money in the Bank PPV and addressed a number of immediate concerns.

WWE’s Money In The Bank is just getting underway on the WWE Network, but prior to the show, a talent meeting was held in Hartford, Connecticut where the show is taking place. Stephanie McMahon led that meeting as, per a report by F4WOnline’s Daily Update. Among the topics discussed were WWE’s social media numbers, the company competing with video games, movies, and other streaming services and it is rumored WWE finally labeled AEW competition that they are keeping an eye on.

This was the first time many of the talent can ever remember WWE mentioning another wrestling company at all in their meetings (not that they’ve had a big competitor since WCW).

Is AEW Really a Threat?

It’s not surprising WWE would need to address what AEW is doing and while it might seem strange to do so just prior to a big PPV, logically, the show being in Connecticut, not far from the head offices and all the talent being on hand makes it a logical place to hold the meeting.

There is no word on how the talent responded or if any Superstars addressed concerns or commented directly on the talk surrounding AEW.

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