WWE Hall of Famer Asks Where the Job Offers Are From WWE and AEW?

Former WWE Superstar, Hall of Famer and one of the most popular wrestlers ever to lace up a pair of boots wants to know where the job offers are?

Jake “The Snake” Roberts took to social media on Friday to talk about his birthday wishes. He congratulated himself on being clean and sober for 7 yrs (which he should) but also wondered why the two biggest wrestling promotions in the world haven’t asked to work with him.

Roberts wrote,” “Same birthday wishes 4yrs in a row. 64yrs young and 7 yrs clean and sober. Still no job offers from AEW or WWE. WTF!!!”

Interestingly enough, in a time where former WWE stars are getting hired by AEW on a regular basis and WWE is trying new things to get some of their ratings back, it is a bit intriguing that Roberts skillset has not be utilized by either company. Once considered one of the best promo men in the business, he certainly would have something of value to offer if he was willing.

Was Roberts Being Serious?

It’s hard to know if Jake Roberts was being serious or if he was just making a sarcastic comment. He is older, he does have a history of bad habits and maybe he’s not the guy, on paper, you’d want to hire.

Still, if he’s looking for something to do, the least a company like WWE could offer is bringing him in to work with NXT talent. Cleary, they would soak up any advice he might give like a sponge.

Roberts could be amazing in a coaching role and a motivated former WWE Superstar who wants to be with WWE right now can’t be a bad thing.

Have him script a few promos for some current WWE Superstars and watch them catapult up the WWE ladder. And, from an AEW perspective, if they want to drive another steak into the heart of WWE, this would do it.

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