WWE Saudi Arabia Show: Undertaker vs. Goldberg is the Perfect Storm

Undertaker against Goldberg in a singles match on a WWE pay-per-view. If that would have been mentioned two decades ago, fans would have sat on the edge of their seats and ordered the show in spades. Two of the biggest stars in the history of the wrestling industry, both Goldberg and Undertaker are still significant draws that will have people tune in just to see them any time they’re on television.

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When WWE goes to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for their Super ShowDown on June 7, fans will finally get to see these two Goliaths of the industry do battle. It may not be what fans were hoping for as the two never got a chance to actually square off in their primes and the match will almost certainly fail to live up to the hype that WWE will build for it.

Despite this, it’s the perfect storm for the company as they get a chance to put on a no-consequence match that, as mentioned, has drawing power in spades.

With WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view at the forefront of the discussion right now, the Saudi Arabia show has barely even been mentioned by WWE at all. This means that the build-up for any type of storylines or matches will have to either be pre-existing stories, feuds that have been hinted at or a match like this one that doesn’t need any sort of build up outside of their brief staredown at The Royal Rumble in 2017.

More importantly than the lack of build up necessary for this match, though, is the fact that the winner truly doesn’t matter. Neither Goldberg or Undertaker are active competitors who will benefit from a win in this scenario. Even if they were actively involved, a win wouldn’t do anything to put either over at this point due to the fact that, as mentioned, they’re both past their prime and are far from big-time players in WWE’s regular programming.

Undertaker Vs. Goldberg – Is it a Cheap Pop?

When Undertaker and Goldberg do face off in Jeddah, there’s certainly fair reason to feel like this is all being done for a cheap pop. Getting attention on the pay-per-view given its proximity to Money in the Bank as well as the controversies that surround WWE’s continued workings with Saudi Arabia is an absolute must for the company.

This isn’t even the first time Undertaker is being used in such a match in Saudi Arabia, either.

The last time WWE was in Saudi Arabia in Nov. of 2018, the Main Event of the show featured the reuniting of DeGenerationX with Shawn Michaels coming out of retirement to square off against The Brothers of Destruction.

This match was done with a similar mindset as the Goldberg and Undertaker match will be. Getting eyes on the product, regardless of how cheap of a tactic and a short-term fix this may be, is easily solved by bringing in people from the attitude era. This is a bad strategy for long-term success as the betterment of the company will only come with long, well-conceived storylines. For now, though, WWE is pulling out all the stops (financially, as well) to make sure that they give viewers some extra incentive to watch the product.

Moving forward, this match won’t mean anything one way or another as far as the current product goes. Still, it’ll give fans an idea of how big the match could have felt so long ago with one of WCW’s biggest stars and WWE’s biggest stars finally facing off head to head.

It may not be the perfect match that fans wanted, but it’ll definitely be a highly-watched match regardless.

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