WWE Going Back to Live TV?

While it appears AEW has shut down all production and television taping, it sounds like WWE is going the opposite direction, as WWE could be returning to live TV later this week.

While tonight’s post-WrestleMania 36 edition of RAW was pre-taped and edited days ago, word is that that WWE might plan to go live with Friday’s SmackDown and next Monday’s RAW. Both will take place from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, according to @Wrestlevotes.

There was some uncertainty about whether or not WWE would be allowed to air more shows with Orange County under a stay-at-home advisory. It appears WWE has either worked their way around it or the ban has lifted, even though a state-wide ban is in effect.

It was also reported this weekend that WWE may end up filming future shows from a secret location in a shutdown state. We’re not sure where that falls at this point.

Either way, it sounds like WWE has no plans to shut down production or pause their shows after the biggest show of the year is now over. Apparently, they truly believe they are providing a product at a time that fans need it and see the financial value in running while almost everything else is on pause.

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