WWE First-Round (SmackDown) KOTR Predictions

Guest Post by “The Raging Reverend” Donny Starr 

Tonight it’s Smackdown’s turn in the First Round of WWE 2019 King of the Ring Tournament. Round One on Monday saw Samoa Joe defeated Cesaro via submission, and Cedric Alexander defeated Sami Zayn via pinfall.  I was glad to see Sami lose. He’s a little mouthy and I really don’t think he would have been a good King. But hey, that’s just me. 

As a result, I was 50 percent correct last night on my First Round prediction. I didn’t think Cedric had it in him. Kudos to him.

Click here to find out who’s in the 2019 King Of The Ring Tournament

Tonight’s matchups (First Round: Smackdown) only get more interesting. Below are my picks: 

Kevin Owens vs. Elias:  As much as I want to pick Kevin Owens, especially after his previous run-ins with Shane McMahon, I think Elias takes the win. Elias is the reigning 24/7 champ and almost lost the title last night to R-Truth. He’s someone that deserves to be a Main eventer but has been sidelined to good laughs. I think he wants this more. 

Apollo Crews vs. Andrade: Andrade is on a roller coaster of sorts. He’s battled Rey Mysterio in some epic matches, and had a great Money in the Bank performance. The momentum is definitely for Andrade. I don’t think Crews has what it takes to beat Andrade.  

Andrade is a technician of sorts, while Crews is pure power. I think the academics will win over the muscle tonight. It will be a good match though, because Crews can hold his own. His SummerSlam performance vs. Buddy Murphywas cut shore due to Rowan’s interference, but he showed enough to be considered a worthy opponent.

I think the best thing to come out of the King of the Ring Tournament is the fact we have to see the majority of the roster. It’s not the same people every week. Everyone is getting their time on camera and it’s making for a nice, complete show. The next few weeks should be fun to watch.  I don’t care who you give the credit to, but this was a good idea.

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