WWE First-Round King of the Ring Predictions

Guest post by: “The Raging Reverend:” Donny Starr

The King of The Ring is back and I couldn’t be happier.

Tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night RAW will feature the first round of the 2019 King of The Ring tournament and below are tonight’s first round of matches and my picks on who wins and why:

Cesaro vs Samoa Joe:

In what could be the best match of the night, both men deserve to be up for the role of WWE’s next King. I think we can all agree there. However, after a highly-contested battle, I feel this will go to Samoa Joe.

Joe has had a rough patch as of late. Between feuding with Rey Mysterio, to the issues he’s faced with Roman Reigns, to a recent interview where he’s discussed his feelings about being overlooked by WWE as a Heavyweight Champion, Joe is due.

Ricochet vs Drew McIntyre:

Ricochet is a star in the making but Drew McIntyre should have been WWE Champion a long, long time ago. He’s served as the henchman for everyone and deserves a push. Instead, he’s been essentially cast and cursed to be “Diesel 2.0”.

It’s time for McIntyre to etch his own story and King of the Ring 2019 may be where that begins. There are many who know the business well who believe McIntyre is the star to watch in WWE.

Cedric Alexander vs Sami Zayn:

Two strong in-ring performers, I’m going to predict this one match to be the snoozer of the night. I’ll also say, the win goes to Sami Zayn. I think Cedric would be a great surprise pick to win it all, but that would really be reaching and while there are likely bigger things in his future and Paul Heyman is rumored to be behind an Alexander push, his time might not be yet.

The Miz vs Baron Corbin:

I think Baron Corbin has come a long way from being the “Lone Wolf” to wearing the most hated vest in the history of mankind. He had great runs with Lacey Evans in their spat against Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. However, I feel The Miz will take this one.

The Miz looks like what we’d want to see in a King, so his win would give a closer look at how the crowd responds to this possibility.

Overall, tonight’s episode of RAW should boost ratings and give us a nice dose of something different to watch.

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