WWE Fans Are About To Meet Big Money Matt

With Jeff Hardy on the shelf, Matt Hardy is officially a singles competitor once again. But, for fans who are expecting to see the same old Matt Hardy return, or for that matter, Broken Matt, you won’t. Matt Hardy introduced the world to Big Money Matt on social media Monday and it is expected this character will make his WWE debut soon.

Hardy has been teasing the reveal of this new character over the past couple of days but the character’s roots trace back all the way to his TNA time when he gave some thought to trying this out. The timing was never quite right but with his brother Jeff out of action and WWE badly needing some creative ideas to rebound the ratings, Matt might get a legitimate shot to put this character over.

Hardy wrote on social media Monday, “A wise man once said to me, “That’s what money do. Holla!” Just over 24 hours earlier, Hardy reintroduced the world to Big Money Matt through a YouTube video. He pleaded that fans don’t understand what it’s like to be Matt Hardy and that his life is full of annoyances and problems being so rich and handsome.

Hardy hates that he has to walk down four flights of stairs to get to his personal gym on the lower level of the Hardy Mansion. “Ugh, it’s so annoying,” he explains.

Will This Matt Hardy Character Work?

If WWE gives this idea the green light (and we believe they should), Hardy will return as a heel character on television. It could be entertaining and fun, but also earn easy heat from the WWE Universe.

And, with WWE needing ways to get some tv ratings back and Goldberg, Roman Reigns on Raw and others not really a long-term answer, Matt Hardy might be onto something here.

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