WWE: Dana Brooke Responds to Sam Roberts

When Dana Brooke took on Tamina on this week’s edition of Main Event, the announce crew happened to be joined by Sam Roberts who was playing the devils-advocate role throughout the show, akin to the role that Corey Graves plays on WWE Television and not unlike JBL’s role in the past. Unfortunately, Roberts wouldn’t stick strictly to this role as he’d also find himself berating Brooke for the majority of her match.

Roberts would start by criticizing Brooke’s gymnast background, stating her acrobatics wouldn’t help her while laying flat on her back. When Byron Saxton and Renee Young mentioned that Tamina was in a foul mood, as she typically was, Roberts would continue by saying that he wouldn’t be in a wonderful mood either if he was returning to singles action and taking on “Dana Brooke of all people.”

When Young and Saxton would come to Brooke’s defense, Roberts would continue to attack Brooke while weaving through his co-commentators responses.

Brooke wouldn’t let this criticism go as she’d respond to Roberts through Twitter.

While Roberts was likely just filling a role that he felt suited his style, Brooke obviously felt this wasn’t the first time Roberts had done something like this and that he hasn’t done enough to earn the right to speak in such demeaning ways. She also specifically mentioned that he’s known to bury people when he speaks.

As they often do, Wrestling Twitter found their way to even out the score with Roberts; a fact that Brooke would mention on Twitter as well.

In the end, Brooke has certainly worked her way to her spot in the industry and Roberts’ comments cut a little too deep. A comment in passing here or there isn’t the worst thing to do and it ultimately leads to a good back and forth between commentators. The constant attacks throughout the match took away from the action in the ring, however, and it did anything but tell a story.

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