WWE Crowns New 24/7 Champion, Moss Loses Title

WWE isn’t shutting down all business. In fact, there was a title change on Sunday as Riddick Moss lost his 24/7 Championship to a familiar titleholder.

While going for a run, Moss was surprised to see a vehicle pull up with a referee inside it. Saying he knew something was up because no referee could afford to be in Moss’ neighbourhood, the champion started searching around for whoever might have sent the referee.

R-Truth hopped out of the trunk of the car, rolled up Moss from behind and got the three count, becoming the WWE 24/7 Champion again. R-Truth yelled, “You need to go back to football Mister Randy Moss”, drove off in the car that was leased under the referee’s name.

This is where the title belongs. R-Truth might not have been the one in mind when the championship was created, but it felt odd to have the belt around anyone else’s waist, especially a performer like Moss who is likely destined for other things.

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