WWE Contacted Georges St-Pierre About Deal

WWE loves to capitalize on the names of major sports stars when they become available. This was the case when they originally brought in Kurt Angle following the Olympics, Mark Henry due to his status as the World’s Strongest Man, Brock Lesnar after his NCAA success and again after his UFC success and Ronda Rousey following her UFC success.

There are many more names that WWE has worked with in the past who have helped draw attention to the product and there are even more who the company has notably taken interest in such as former NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski.

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It’s simply the norm for the company.

Georges St-Pierre is WWE’s Newest Ambition

It would appear that the latest name they have their eyes on is another UFC legend in Georges St-Pierre who recently announced his retirement from MMA after one of the most illustrious careers the sport has ever seen.

In an interview with TVA (in french), St-Pierre would mention that WWE approached him with a deal and that they wanted to contact his agents. While it’s something that interests St-Pierre to some extent, he doesn’t seem committed to any form of legitimate competition after he just ended his career in UFC.

For St-Pierre, it wouldn’t be a weekly thing to make a living out of. If he were to accept, he mentioned that it would have to be for a special event rather than a full-time deal.

This makes sense given how much St-Pierre put into his MMA career. One of the more decorated combat athlete stars in history, it’s probably time for GSP to relax and take opportunities by the day rather than as long-term commitments when they involve the physical strain that WWE does. As Rousey would attest to, it’s a different kind of physical but that doesn’t mean it’s any less physical or stressful than actual fighting.

The full video interview can be found here.

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