WWE Announces Contract Signing for SmackDown Live

It’s been weeks in the making but Kofi Kingston’s dreams appear to finally be coming true. WWE announced breaking news Sunday through their official website stating that Kingston and Daniel Bryan would be signing a contract, making their WrestleMania 35 match official Tuesday night on SmackDown Live.

Kingston would be the last wrestler standing in the Elimination Chamber alongside Bryan before being eliminated, crushing his hopes. This would also break the hearts of the WWE Universe who quickly got behind the long-time WWE Superstar as one of the top babyface performers in the company.

Kingston would have to deal with a plethora of abuse in the following weeks. From verbal beratement and harassment from Vince McMahon to handicap and gauntlet matches, Kingston kept striking out. It even led to a brief storyline of Kofi (and the New Day) teasing their departure from WWE.

Despite this, he would stake his claim and eventually earn his match courtesy of Big E and Xavier Woods. While Kingston was unable to complete his gauntlet match, his teammates succeeded in winning their own.

When pen touches paper Tuesday night, Kingston will have officially earned his opportunity to face Bryan in what has become one of the more exciting and heartwarming storylines that WWE has had in years.

Kingston and Bryan Proving to be Draws

On the surface, Kingston may not appear like a legitimate WWE Champion who has the ability to draw a crowd.

While that may have appeared to be the case, WWE and Kingston have sold the storyline perfectly. Kingston appears to be as supported a wrestler as Bryan was back when he was forced to claw, bite and scratch his way to the top with the Yes Movement.

Bryan himself deserves a ton of credit for this storyline as well given his masterful heel work on the microphone. Taking the biggest babyface on the planet and turning him heel was certainly a risk. Bryan has not only taken the opportunity in stride, but he’s also running with it.

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