WWE Report: Cesaro Moved to Raw

With WWE’s Superstar Shakeup taking place last week, many new Superstars found themselves with new homes each and every week. In typical WWE fashion, however, some of those moves have already been reversed including the decision to move Aleister Black, Andrade and Zelina Vega back to SmackDown Live.

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In addition to those moves, however, it would appear that WWE is also moving a popular superstar from their Blue Brand on SmackDown Live to Monday Night Raw. With Sheamus reportedly dealing with a concussion, WWE isn’t waiting for his return to use the Cesaro in action. Instead, the Swiss Cyborg is reportedly being moved to Raw, which could signal the end of The Bar.

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It’s entirely possible that Sheamus could eventually make the jump to Raw when healthy but in the meantime, Cesaro is moving over by himself and is expected to debut tonight. This is big news as Cesaro has long been a fan-favorite in WWE and is one of the most gifted performers in the ring that the WWE has to offer. For one reason or another, however, he’s been unable to find success as a singles star despite getting over incredibly well with Sheamus by his side.

Cesaro’s move likely came as a response to SmackDown Live getting a few stars back as mentioned earlier, which could open the door for a fairly big push for him out the gate. With so much uncertainty surrounding each roster following the Superstar Shake-Up, though, it’ll be interesting to see how all of the new pieces fit together.

Samoa Joe is also expected to make his Raw return tonight after being moved to the Red Brand along with his United States Championship. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re used together at all or if they’ll be featured in separate segments.

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