WWE: Cesaro Primed for Singles Push

When it was announced that Cesaro would be moved to the Monday Night Raw roster, there were questions about the future of The Bar tag team that Cesaro was a part of with Sheamus. Some light was shed on this with rumors of Sheamus’ injury being significant and potentially career-threatening making the rounds.

While the circumstances are less than ideal if Sheamus really is forced to retire due to injury, this could be the best opportunity for WWE to give Cesaro the legitimate push he’s deserved for years. While working on the independent scene, there may have been nobody more respected than Cesaro, then known by his real name Claudio Castagnoli. When making the jump to WWE, many were excited about the potential feuds and storylines he could have with the biggest promotion on the planet.

As is often the case in WWE, the reality was far less glamorous than the expectation and many have been disappointed with his WWE run. This isn’t because Cesaro has failed in his time with WWE. Instead, it’s a result of WWE not knowing how to use the full potential of their talent and often squandering potential with 50/50 booking.

This was very much the case for Cesaro who wasn’t given any serious momentum in his time as a single’s competitor at the start of his WWE tenure.

Fortunately, though, he’d find relevance for a while alongside Sheamus in The Bar and show off his ability both in the ring and on the microphone.

Cesaro Found Success in the Tag Team Division

The Bar went from one of WWE’s classic thrown-together tag teams to one of their most prominent duos in the company in a very short period of time. This was the best case scenario for both Cesaro and Sheamus as the two were falling further and further into adversity as time went on.

This wasn’t even the first time Cesaro was gaining popularity as a member of a tag team in WWE either as he would previously find success and gain the vote of confidence from the fans while teaming with Tyson Kidd. Unfortunately, that union would end before it could ever really take off with Kidd suffering a career-ending injury.

If WWE really wants to try something crazy, they could call up Kassius Ohno from NXT and use him alongside Cesaro, reuniting “The Kings of Wrestling” tag team that was one of the most popular teams on the planet for a while.

In the end, though, the only right call as far as Cesaro is concerned is pushing him as a single’s competitor and letting him prove he can be a main event player for a company desperate for star power.

Cesaro Deserves a Single’s Run

Debuting new music and a new entrance video on the May 20 edition of Raw, Cesaro looked like a reborn star ready to stake his claim on top of the world. The music was kept simple but powerful, the green theme stood out like a superhero-charged spectacle and Cesaro emerged from the curtains looking better than ever.

While nothing had changed about him physically as he remained the same powerful cyborg-of-a-man that WWE has known and loved, the presentation made all the difference.

Cesaro would win clean against Ricochet in what could be the beginning of the rest of his WWE career. He’s primed for a run and if WWE is smart, they’ll push him into the United States Championship picture sooner than later. Giving him an opportunity to take that Championship to new heights while cementing himself as a legitimate star could do wonders with a run as the Universal Champion also distinctly possible in the future.

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