WWE Building Up Feud Between Dana Brooke And Announcer

WWE is taking a bit of an unorthodox approach to pushing one of its female stars that don’t get a lot of attention. In an effort to find a unique way to draw some attention to Dana Brooke, they have her feuding with on-air personality Sam Roberts.

Sam Roberts recently insulted Brooke on commentary during Main Event last week. He pulled no punches in his commentary and while some fans are wondering if this is unintentional heat being generated by Roberts, as a new announcer, this is being directed by WWE. In an attempt to build him up as a bit of a heel announcer in his new role on commentary and in his panel opinions in kickoff shows, it shines a spotlight on some of the lesser-pushed stars.

It’s working as a lot of people are talking.

Dana Brooke won her match this week on Main Event over Ruby Riott and responded with a social media post telling Sam to eat his words.

Why This Approach With Roberts?

The sense is that Roberts on commentary and talking trash about stars like Brooke and Bianca Blair is an experiment that may or may not last. It wouldn’t be wise for Roberts to come into WWE as a relatively new personality only to upset a number of members of the current roster or push too far without Vince McMahon’s blessing.

Will it work and draw more eyeballs to some of the shows that fewer fans watch on a weekly basis? Only time will tell.

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