WWE: Bray Wyatt’s New Mask – Who Made it?

WWE has struck gold with Bray Wyatt’s new gimmick. While we’ve seen Wyatt keep a menacing attitude and terrifying persona with these new Firefly Fun House segments, Wyatt has tip-toed along the line of heel and face, leaving the fans wondering just who this new Bray Wyatt really is.

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After the latest installment of the series, though, it would appear that Wyatt has a lot more evil in him than we previously thought.

Wyatt, featuring a new mask and outfit, would make it obvious that he isn’t just this big-sweater, a fun-loving and happy man living in a world of puppets and children. Far from Mr. Rogers and not quite The Crow, Wyatt appears to have gained the ability to pick and choose when his good side or bad side comes out to say hello.

Wyatt’s mask, though, wasn’t made by just any old wardrobe creator in WWE. In fact, it wasn’t created by a WWE employee at all. Instead, Wyatt would garner the help of Special Makeup Effects Artist Tom Savini.

Who is Savini, you might ask? Well, Savini has done makeup and special effects work for many George Romero films, including Martin, Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow and Monkey Shines. He also did special effects and makeup for various Friday the 13th installments, Maniac, The Burning, The Prowler and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

That doesn’t even begin to talk about his work as an actor or as a director, but it shines a light on just how involved Savini is in the world of horror movies. This is great news for WWE and for Wyatt as this new character that we’ve seen on television for weeks now just screams horror movie. Nobody seems better equipped to take on this role than Wyatt and Savini was the perfect accomplice for getting this mask right.

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