WWE Report: Big E Suffers Injury

It would appear that Big E of the New Day has suffered an injury to his leg and could be out of action for an unclear amount of time, according to the big man himself on Twitter.

Big E would tweet “making mincemeat of my meniscus. Crossbody cooked the cartilage. Bye for a bit.”

This came just one day after SmackDown Live and after Big E delivered a cross-body to Cesaro in the Main Event of the show. While Big E would still work after the cross body where he was apparently hurt occurred, it would seem that this injury could be somewhat serious.

It’s unclear how long he may be out of action, if for any time at all, but both Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston seemed to jokingly imply that it would take him out for the foreseeable future.

Woods would reference that it’s time for Big E to hit the [convention] circuit and Kofi would basically say that they would need to keep in touch through FaceTime while Big E is hurt.

The New Day could all be poking fun at the situation. For now, all we can go off of is Big E’s tweet as well as the response from his New Day stablemates as well as the brief update provided by WWE.

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It’s also unclear how this will affect any plans WWE had for Big E or the New Day as a whole as the Superstar Shakeup is less than one week away. With Kingston winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35, it’s likely that he wasn’t going to be on the move regardless. With the amount of merchandise sales the New Day is responsible for, it’s hard to imagine WWE had plans of breaking them up either.

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