WWE – 6 Best Money in the Bank Winners

With Money in the Bank right around the corner, it seems fitting to make a list featuring some of the greatest Money in the Bank Winners in the history of WWE. This list takes into account various factors, such as the magnitude of the win at the time, the eventual affect it would have on the Superstars futures, the impact it had on the crowd and more.

There have been 20 different winners of the Money in the Bank ladder match since its inception back in 2005 and while some of the reigns and cash-ins have been lackluster at best, there are six that come to mind that really stand out above the crowd as the best in history.

Without further delay, here’s the list:

6. Daniel Bryan

Everybody who watched Daniel Bryan on the independent circuit knew that he was worthy of being a World Champion in WWE one day. Despite this, it seemed unlikely that he’d ever earn this spot, especially after he was fired on the same night he debuted on Monday Night Raw.

When Bryan would win the Money in the Bank Briefcase in 2011, then, it would give fans hope that he could actually cement his legacy and reach the pinnacle of the wrestling world as nobody has failed to win a World Championship after winning Money in the Bank at the time.

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Bryan would cash in on the Big Show and win the Championship in mere seconds after the giant had a grueling match with Mark Henry and was laid out with a DDT onto a steel chair. He’d eventually turn heel and would lose his Championship to Sheamus in just 18 seconds in the opening match at WrestleMania, but this was still the beginning of what would be Bryan’s transition into a legitimate main-event player.

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