WWE: B-Team Moved to SmackDown Live

Continuing the trend of what’s become a two-week long Superstar Shake-Up, WWE has officially moved the B-Team to SmackDown Live according to their profiles page on WWE.com. They will now move to a SmackDown Live division that’s seen some The Usos move to Raw, the New Day interrupted by Big E’s injury and Kofi Kingston’s WWE Title win as well as Cesaro’s move to Raw with Sheamus out due to an injury.

This makes sense for WWE to try and keep their tag division relevant on SmackDown Live. It’s also a good opportunity for both Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel who have often found themselves lost in the shuffle.

Unfortunately, this also means that we won’t be seeing a reunion of the Miztourage anytime soon as the Miz was moved over to Raw during the initial Shake-Up.

Regardless of where B-Team is, they likely won’t be big-time players either way. They’re mostly an enhancement team who exists to get a cheap pop from the crowd with backstage humor. If it works for them, then that’s great.

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