WWE Under Assumption “Stay At Home Ban” Will Lift April 9

On Thursday Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling sheet tweeted that WWE is still planning to produce their television shows out of the WWE Performance Center because they’re under the impression the recent “stay at home” mandate by Orange County will only last a couple of weeks.

Satin tweeted:

The stay-at-home order in Orange Country – where the PC is located – is scheduled to last until April 9. From what I’m hearing, WWE has already filmed the April 6 Raw after Mania matches and it sounds like they’re planning to continue filming at the PC once the order is lifted.

He later added, “That’s why they’ve been filming the next few WWE shows early, as well as WrestleMania. I believe they’ve shot a few of the off-site matches already as well.”

So, either WWE knew something that a lot of people didn’t, or they predicted the future extremely well when they decided to rush production on the next few weeks or Raw, SmackDown tapings, plus WrestleMania. They seemed to know they were going to be shut down. Does that then lead to the assumption that they’re aware the ban will lift?

There’s no telling how much worse this spread of the COVID-19 virus will take and in the short-term, should WWE need to, they can air old footage or interviews with wrestlers on Raw and SmackDown. Long-term, they’ll need to have a plan.

For now, it appears their plan is to stay right where they are.

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