WWE: Aleister Black & Cesaro Primed for Sleeper Match at Extreme Rules

Aleister Black is finally getting the opportunity he needs to showcase his ability on the main roster.

When Black originally made the jump from NXT to Raw and SmackDown Live, he was given a platform to shine alongside Ricochet. Both wrestlers did their part in a makeshift team and entertained on both Monday and Tuesday nights every single week while still performing on NXT as well.

Unfortunately, the team was always going to be temporary and was never going to properly utilize either star to their full potential. Since parting ways, however, Ricochet has gone onto win the United States Championship and match up in a feud with AJ Styles. On the flip side, Black has had some (very good) promotional vignettes on SmackDown Live but has been held out of action without any clear direction.

Fortunately, all of that is set to change with Black finally getting an opponent for Extreme Rules.

The promos that continually kept fans interested on SmackDown Live ended up leading to Cesaro answering the call and being named Black’s opponent at Sunday’s pay-per-view event.

This match has all the makings of match of the night but may not get the attention it deserves leading up to the show for a variety of reasons.

For starters, Black being held out of the ring for so long has kept his in-ring work out of the eyes of the fans. While people know he’s an excellent talent who can put on a spectacle from bell-to-bell, he simply isn’t fresh in their minds.

Another factor to consider is that Cesaro is arguably the most underrated wrestler on the entire planet. There are many people who acknowledge how good Cesaro is, but they’re the vocal minority as many haven’t gotten to see Cesaro in a prime singles role for long on WWE television.

Fortunately, he did get a chance to prove he can be a star as a member of The Bar alongside Sheamus and in a series of singles’ matches against Ricochet that took place week after week on Raw. Despite this, though, Cesaro has still generally flown under the radar.

Black and Cesaro Can Both Benefit From Match at Extreme Rules

Something else that’s worth noting is that Black and Cesaro can easily complement each other in the ring based on their similar styles.

Both Cesaro and Black feature hard-hitting styles that balance technical ability, high-spot opportunities and physical striking and kicking. There’s a real chance that these two can put on a balancing act at Extreme Rules that allows both to look great despite one wrestler ultimately coming out on top.

It’s a fine line that isn’t easy to balance, but WWE has been able to pull it off in the past. There doesn’t always have to be a clear winner and a clear loser that makes one wrestler look like a star and the other look like a jobber. The best matches are the ones that feature an effective back-and-forth exchange that keeps the fan guessing until the very end.

WWE doesn’t often let mid-card matches, with or without Championships on the line, go for long as they have multiple superstars to account for on any given night. Still, if these two are given 20 to 25 minutes to prove themselves at Extreme Rules, everybody will benefit in the long-term.

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