WWE Actually Bringing Back the “Electric Chair” Segment

WWE certainly knows how to force and idea that isn’t working. While the company has only offered up one of the most absurd segments in recent WWE memory with one “Electric Chair” segment, on Thursday they announced they’re going to give it another go.

WWE announced on social media that Sami Zayn may be the first, but he won’t be the last person to sit in the electric chair and have fans asked “controversial questions”.

What a Terrible Idea

The segment itself might be good if done correctly, but that seems unlikely. What fans witnessed on Monday’s Raw was one of the worst ideas the writers (or Vince) has come up with in some time.

The idea was that Zayn would have to answer any fan questions because the “Electric Chair” wouldn’t allow him to avoid the tough questions and answers. He wasn’t strapped in, the questions weren’t controversial and the segment flopped.

In fact, the only controversial thing that happened during the segment was that Zayn dropped an AEW reference which got everyone guessing, ‘Was that planned or Zayn doing his own thing?’

The Buzz of the Chair

Maybe that’s why WWE is going to give this another shot. The questions were clearly screened and pre-fed to the fans, the segment was poorly produced and the chair destroyed. But, the talk after Zayn mentioned AEW must mean WWE thinks they can capitalize on the publicity of what the next person who sits in the chair might say.

Based on how the first one went, it’s still not a good idea. That hasn’t stopped WWE before and one does have to wonder, who would make for a good guest?

Daniel Bryan would have a lot to say as would The Miz. Maybe someone like Dolph Ziggler who seems to be telling the truth as he sees it regardless.

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