WWE Introduces 24/7 Championship

Mick Foley returned to Monday Night Raw tonight to reveal the newest championship eligible to be won in WWE. This new title is called the 24/7 Title and can be defended at any time. This is similar to the old Hardcore Championship that WWE had years ago that could be defended at any time at any place, falls count anywhere.

An interesting aspect of this Championship is that it’s eligible to be won by any member of the Raw roster, SmackDown Live roster, 205 Live rosters, NXT Roster and NXT UK Roster. The general reaction from the crowd was lackluster and had minimal response from the crowd until that caveat was added by Foley.

The first wrestler to capture the Championship from the middle of the ring was set to be named the winner of the Title. A slew of Superstars came out, tripping over each other and fighting each other with Titus O’Neil being named the inaugural Champion. Robert Roode would quickly roll him up on the stage and win the Championship, however, which really made this feel like the Hardcore Title of old as mentioned.

WWE Didn’t Need a New Championship

With this new Championship, WWE is further watering down their current crop of Championships that already felt weak to begin with. While there have been brief stints for the United States Championship and Intercontinental Championship in recent years that haven’t felt like a total waste of time, the general perception regarding mid-card Titles in WWE has been poor.

With WWE’s new Wild Card Rule, the lines became even more blurred as to who wrestles where each and every week. Introducing this new Championship didn’t make things better, it only made things worse. Ideally, WWE can figure out how to make this a fresh concept. Unfortunately, they haven’t done enough in recent years to make that feel like a realistic option and this will likely just be another comedic relief segment each week.

24/7 Title Update:

Oh, and by the time Raw had ended, the title had changed hands twice, not including Titus O’Neil who grabbed it first. R-Truth drove away from the arena as the newest champ.

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