5 Wrestlers Who Would Make Better Opponents For Kurt Angle And Aren’t Busy

If you watched Raw last night (Monday), you know that WWE closed the show with Kurt Angle putting Baron Corbin in an ankle lock on the stage. The close of the show was meant to solidify the fact that despite public outcry, WWE has decided to move forward with the Corbin vs. Angle farewell match. If it wasn’t obvious before, that and the fact Corbin pinned Rey Mysterio to build his credibility as a heel coming into the event, it has to be now.

That doesn’t make us happy.

Sure, maybe more credit needs to go to Corbin for being a heel character we’re all so quick to hate (that means he’s doing his job) but we still think there could have been much better choices to send Angle off into the sunset.

5) Kevin Owens

While things will probably change as Tuesday’s SmackDown Live unfolds, Kevin Owens, as it sits, has no role in WrestleMania 35. It’s odd considering he just returned and came off a program for the WWE Championship.

If you wanted to pick a wrestler that could get a struggling in-ring Angle through an entertaining match, Owens is that guy. He can talk circles around anyone, he’s great in the ring and he would be happy to pay respects to Angle in any way that would be deemed appropriate. Whether he takes the pin or gets the push, Owens has more to gain coming out of the show.

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