Wrestlers React To Dustin Rhodes Leaving WWE, In AEW

After AEW revealed Dustin Rhodes vs Cody was taking place at Double or Nothing, Dustin Rhodes officially revealed that he asked for and was granted his WWE release. The Goldust character was seemingly no more and WWE has let him leave the way Dustin wants to go.

Dustin then sent out a warm, heartfelt letter to everyone thanking WWE, the fans and all those involved in this change. Writing:

To begin with, I want to say just how much I appreciate you allowing me to entertain you over these long and winding years. Being the son of the legendary Dream has been and will always be an immense honor and blessing to me, and I have always done my best to fill his shoes while transitioning into my own. …

… With that being said, I’ve been putting my body through quite a bit these last 30 years, and many opportunities that have been presented to me have taken a backseat to my love of wrestling. I have requested my release from WWE and it has been granted. I am taking this time to explore some of those many opportunities.

A number of WWE personalities and former wrestlers paid tribute to Dustin Rhodes after the announcement including Mick Foley and Kurt Angle. Angle wrote, “It wasn’t so much the paint, but the man beneath the paint. Goldust was an Amazing character. So entertaining. BUT…. Dustin was one of the best and most polished in-ring performers that I’ve ever seen. Farewell, my friend. #ThankYouGoldust” Foley said, “Somehow @dustinrhodes made weird and wild moments like these seem perfectly logical.” while he showed a photo of Goldust licking Mankind.

Paul Orndorff, Zelina Vega, and a host of others in the wrestling business said thank you as well.

There is no announcement on if his match with Cody is his retirement match or not.

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