WrestleMania Produces Best Social Media Numbers for WWE In History

WWE aired WrestleMania 36 this weekend and some interesting numbers are starting to pour in. Some people weren’t loving the fact that the show went on, others were glad WWE was able to allow them to escape reality but almost everyone who was a fan of wrestling, even those who might not have been, were talking about it online.

With no fans in attendance, one of the ways WWE was going to know how well they did with viewership was social media and those numbers are starting to roll in.

WWE is now touting that according to Nielsen Social, WrestleMania generated 13.8 million social media interactions in total. This number is calculated across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

This is a whopping 57% jump from last year’s total for WrestleMania which puts it at the most social media searches in WrestleMania history.

It probably helped that the show aired over two nights and that Drew McIntyre got a lot of attention being the first British-born Superstar ever to win the WWE Championship.

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