[Rumor] WrestleMania 35 to Set Interesting Record

When it comes to money-making shows for WWE, the events in Saudi Arabia are up there. That said, WrestleMania is still the company’s big-time earner and this year’s WrestleMania has proven that fact, once again.

A recent report suggests WWE is on track to break a money-making record with Mania and this is nothing but good news for the company, the roster, the financial investors.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WrestleMania 35 takes places from MetLife Stadium in New Jersey this Sunday night and from the recent reports, it could be the first WWE event to top $20 million at the gate (ticket sales). This is a huge haul for Vince and co. The last WrestleMania in MetLife Stadium was good, but a shadow of this number at only $12.3 million and 68,900 paid fans.

The ticket prices for WrestleMania this year were obviously higher (the highest they’ve ever been) and that has made most of the difference. It will just be interesting to see if the attendance numbers will be any different. The last WWE event there held a whopping 80,676 fans.

This year’s WrestleMania 35 card will feature upwards of 17 matches, go seven hours in length and be capped off by the first-ever female only match to main event the company’s Showcase of the Immortals. By the way, this is going to mean huge bragging rights for all three of the women involved in that match — Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

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