WrestleMania 35 Rumor: Lars Sullivan to Squash John Cena

It seems like a foregone conclusion based on multiple media reports that John Cena will, in fact, be at this year’s WrestleMania. While the WWE Universe seems to want him involved in the Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin storyline, details are coming to light that WWE has other plans.

On this morning’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported Cena’s involvement in WrestleMania 35 is being kept very quiet behind the scenes but that a few key people know the plan for him at this year’s extravaganza. Meltzer confirmed the Angle involvement is probably out, but that former NXT monster, Lars Sullivan might be in.

Meltzer doesn’t expect there to be a match between John Cena and Lars Sullivan, but if he were to guess, Cena will arrive, have another match, win it and Sullivan will appear and destroy the 16-time World Champ.

Recently on a conference call for NXT Takeover: New York, Triple H said he believed fans would see Sullivan return soon. If the NXT powerhouse is in a good place personally and ready to make his debut on the main roster after other NXT have passed him by, there’s no bigger stage than WrestleMania to do it.

Sullivan has the potential to be WWE’s next big monster and it would be awesome to see him on an eventual crash course for Braun Strowman. That may be a long ways off into the future and based on word behind the scenes, Sullivan has a lot to prove. But, if WWE is considering having him squash Cena at a huge event like this, they must have some faith in him that he’s ready.

If he doesn’t appear at WrestleMania 35, he could show his face on the post-WrestleMania Raw or SmackDown Live, which is always full of surprises.

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