WrestleMania 35 – Live Results (Refresh Often!)

WrestleMania opened up the pre-show with Coach, Paige, Sam Roberts and JBL on the panel. After sending things back and forth between correspondents, the first match of the night was the Cruiserweight Championship match which started about 20 minutes in:

Buddy Murphy (C) vs. Tony Nese

A match much better than most expected, Nese came out fired up. He took early advantage in the match until a Murphy was able to drop him on the top turnbuckle, turning the tides in a hurry.

Tons of back -and-forth action led to near falls with both men getting opportunities to finish off the match. Nese almost had Murphy about 7 minutes in, while Murphy returned the favor only to see Nese get his bottom foot on the ropes.

Nese eventually landed the running knee securing the three-count for the win.

Result: New Cruiserweight Champion: Tony Nese

WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal

The women made their way down to the ring to lead off the women’s battle royal. While Lilian Garcia explained the rules, the women waited outside. A few special females got their own entrances. Naomi and Asuka got their own theme music making them the early favorites.

The ball rang and Nikki Cross got everone’s attention by acting insane. Once that settled, the women all got to work.

Maria Kanellis was the first to be eliminated, followed by Candace Lerae and Cross.

Naomi wound up on the outside of the ring, tried to fend off some attacks until finally taking a top rope slingshot to eliminate last year’s winner. Ember Moon was eliminated by Lana to a thundering chorus of boos. Kairi Sane caught Lana and tried to hit her with a big elbow off the top, only to be caught by Sara Logan. Logan then turned her attention to Lana and the Riott Squad joined in to attack Lana and dispatch her from the match-up.

All three members to got work on Sane and eliminated her. It was clear the faction had the numbers. But, just when it seemed they had the momentum, Dana Brooke eliminated two members of the group.

Zelina Vega followed and eventually Brooke was eliminated by Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

Eventually the match was down its final four. Asuka, Deville, and Sara Logan and Carmella. It appeared Logan had one until Carmella snuck back in from outside the ring where she waited to attack.

Logan got the early upper hand and but Carmella almost had Logan out, hanging from the ropes. Back and forth and Carmella landed a Superkick which crowned her the winner.

Winner: Carmella

Raw Tag Team Title Match – Revival vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

The Revival gets the first entrance to the ring followed by the challengers and their incredibly long losing streak.

A slower start with lockup exchanges, this match took a little while to gain momentum. Eventually The Revival took the upper hand and started to wear down Ryder who got caught in the ring.

As The Revival is known to do with their old school tag team antics, they wore down Ryder while trash-talking Hawkins for a number of minutes.

But, as these old school matches tend to do, Ryder eventually lands a back-body-drop on Dawson and makes the hot tag to Hawkins. Hawkins comes in and starts to clean house, taking on both members of The Revival at the same time. A couple near falls and a double clothesline puts both Dawson and Hawkins on the mat.

Ryder makes his way in, and both Ryder and Wilder fly over the top rope to the floor in a move that didn’t look like it went according to plan. The action spilled out to the floor where Dawson nailed a brainbuster to Hawkins outside the ring.

Dawson pulled him back up and threw him in the ring to a round of “let’s go Hawkins” chants. Hawkins looked like he was out but rolled up Dawson to get the surprise win and break the streak!

Winner: Ryder and Hawkins Win The Tag Titles

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The entrants for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal made their way to the ring. Included in the group was unannounced entrant Luke Harper.

Michael Che and Colin Jost got their own entrance music as did the Hardy Boyz. That left only one entrant to be announced… Braun Strowman. and away we go!

The action started quickly as member after member of the match got tossed by Strowman. With minutes six members of the match were gone. Strowman locked eyes with Harper and the rest of the field swarmed the two men.

Heath Slater went next, followed by Titus O’Neil. The action then focused on Ali who eliminated No Way Jose. Strowman went through the middle ropes but was not eliminated.

Karl Anderson was out, followed by Rhyno. The Hardy’s focused on Bobby Roode and eliminated him, then Gran Metalik flew! out of the ring. Andrade used a creative slingshot to eliminate Kalisto and then eliminated Chad Gable.

Heavy Machinery eliminated The Ascension, only to be boosted by Strowman in a double clothesline. Meanwhile, Jost and Che were still hiding under the ring.

Strowman kicked Harper and Ali out with one big move that could have ended badly. With those two, Strowman set the record for the most eliminations in an Andre Battle Royal. It was down to five stars in the ring with Jost and Che outside.

Andrade eliminated himself getting rid of Apollo Crews and the Hardys tried to get rid of Strowman. Che and Jost came out from the under the ring to help. Strowman kicked them off, elminated the Hardys and then had the Saturday Night Live guys in his sights.

Jost grabbed the mic to a chorus of boos and begged Strowman to find another way than violence. He brought his therapist into the ring and he tried to talk to Strowman only to get nailed and destroyed with a chokeslam. He threw his therapist back and Jost who then barked at Che to get Strowman.

Che looked shocked and tried to run. Strowman hit him in the face and knocked him out of the ring. Jost avoided a big kick, tried to eliminate Strowman and it almost looked like he had a chance. Strowman regained his footing, picked up Jost in a powerslam and tossed him out onto a ton of waiting superstars.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Alexa Bliss Kicks off the Show as the Host

She comes on the stage and says “If I want a WrestleMania moment, all I have to do is snap my fingers.” With that, the Hulkster’s music kicks in and out comes Hulk Hogan!

Hogan welcomes everyone to the show at MetLife Centre and then has a pose-down with Bliss.

It doesn’t take long for that to be interrupted by Paul Heyman who walks down to the ring with a very serious tone to his stride. He grabs the mic and says “Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong…” If my client is not on last, then we’re not hanging around all night to wait. We’re getting our business done and then getting on a jet to Las Vegas where my client is ultimately appreciated.” He then announces Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins will open the show!

With the Universal Title match up first, what does that mean?

Brock Lesnar (C) vs. Seth Rollins: Universal Title Match

The crowd goes insane for Seth Rollins who gets a very cool Beast Slayer entrance.

Lesnar takes the fight to Rollins immediately and lands a F-5 to Rollins on the outside of the ring with the first major move. Lesnar then throws him face first into the ring LED board. The bell hadn’t even rung yet. After throwing him around the outside, they make their way back in and the ref checks on Rollins.

Not willing to wait, Lesnar tosses Rollins back outside again. The Beast Incarnate then throws Rollins into the German announce table and then breaks the table top of the announce table.

The bell finally rings.

A series of suplexes is only thwarted by a low blow after the ref is bumped into and sent outside the ring. Rollins then gains momentum, nails a stomp. He then hits another one! A third! Goes for the pin and wins the title!

Winner: New Universal Champion – Seth Rollins

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AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton

The two men lock up and AJ puts Randy in a headlock. A little back and forth and Styles avoids an early RKO attempt. The Viper jams his thumb in AJ’s eye to gain the upper hand then stomps Styles until the Phenomenal one pops up and hits a dropkick. Orton blasts Orton from the apron into the barricade.

Styles fires back with some hard right hands. He hits his signature sequence of strikes, picks Randy up and hits an ushigoroshi for a near fall. The Viper hits a snap powerslam for a quick two count. The match continues to go back and forth until Orton gets the upper hand.

After taunting the crowd, an RKO and AJ Styles kicks out… barely.

Orton goes for an RKO off the top rope and it doesn’t work. Styles hits a reverse kick sending Orton outside. Orton certainly wasn’t comfortable there. Styles hits a Phenomenal forearm to the outside of the ring.

Styles with a reversal to an RKO that Orton tried to land as Styles tried another forearm. Styles turned it into a toprope slingshot, hits the Phenomenal Forearm and wins.

Winner: AJ Styles

SmackDown Tag Team Fatal 4-Way Match: Usos vs. Rusev and Nakamura vs. Ricochet and Aleister Black vs. The Bar

The match starts with Sheamus and Black in the ring. Quickly Rusev comes in and levels Black.

And, the match didn’t really get good until Cesaro and Ricochet were in the ring together. Then the magic began and included a Cesaro spin that lasted more than 2 minutes or at least as long as it took for Sheamus to pound on everyone’s chest around thee ring.


The action stayed fast and furious with action often coming out of nowhere. When things finally slowed down, it was Rusev who emerged as the competitor that was methodically delivering the punishment.

Eventually, everyone wound up back in on the action with all eight men up on the top rope trying to do a pyramid suplex. Ricochet was the only man to emerge out of the pileup. He nailed the 460 and almost got the win until four broke up the pin. At that point, it was a series of finishing kicks that left the Usos standing.

Hitting a double dive off of opposite corners, the Usos land on Sheamus and get the win.

Winners: Usos Retain SmackDown Live Tag Titles

WWE Recognizes Hall of Fame Class of 2019

After a video montage and announcing all the recipients of this year’s Hall of Fame awards, D-X comes to the ramp with the rest of this year’s class.

The moment of that segment was when it appeared Sean Waltman had abandoned his post and Road Dogg said he fell off the stage (which he clearly hadn’t).

Shane McMahon vs. The Miz

Shane McMahon comes to the ring first and forces the announcer to reintroduce him with a “best in the world” moniker. The Miz follows to a huge pop from the crowd.

The match starts as McMahon runs away from Miz trying to get into Miz’s head. He grabs Miz dad which enrages Miz into a mistake. Shane then hit Miz with a series of short jabs. McMahon clears off an announce table with bad intentions and cranks Miz with a tv monitor.

Shane goes back into the ring and climbs the top rope with a prone Miz on the table. Miz dad jumps in front to shield The Miz. Shane climbs down after Miz’ dad takes his jacket off and challenges McMahon. Shane invites him into the ring. George puts his fits up ready to go and Shane taunts him, eventually cheap shotting him with a knee.

Miz snaps and dives into the ring. He grabs Shane and drags him around the arena.

They work their way toward the LED towers and Shane nails a DDT on the stage. Miz fights back and kicks Shane off the stage, Shane hitting his head on a guardrail. Miz then works the knee.

The Miz nails Shane with some serious shots outside that Shane sells like a king. In one series, he lands on the roof of a golf cart!

Making their way up to the tech area, Miz lands a Skull Crushing Finale only for Shane to kick out.

Shane climbs the platform to the top camera position. Realizing he’s stuck, Shane begs for forgiveness. Miz suplexes him off the top platform through a stage. Unfortunately for Miz, Shane winds up on top of him and gets the three count.

Winner: Shane McMahon

Fatal 4-Way Women’s Tag Title Match: Sasha and Bayley vs. Iiconics, vs. Niz Jax and Tamina vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya

A series that left a couple of the ladies laying left Sasha in the ring with Peyton Royce. The Iiconics got the early advantage and double-teamed Banks. Eventually, Banks and Bayley get the control back and Billy Kay winds up in the ring with Beth Phoenix.

Again, the Iiconics get control but Natalya turns things with an ode to the Hart Foundation running clothesline. Beth and Natalya wind up in the ring with Banks and Bayley. Banks locks in a crossface on Phoenix. Beth rolls through to almost land a Glam Slam, but not quite.

Nia and Tamina get the advantage hit a double Samoan drop. A grin between the two biggest women in the match and they both climb to the outside and top rope. Beth catches Nia and sends her to the floor. Chaos ensues outside the ring.

It winds up with Bayley and Banks in the ring with Phoenix, landing two big moves off the top. Beth kicks out. Boss N’ Hug Connection take over, and a spin-around powerbomb by Natalya on Banks slows them down.

A GlamSLam off the top rope to Bayley gives Beth what should be the win but Royce comes in, throws Beth off and pins them for three.

Winner: Iiconics Win Titles

Kofoi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan : WWE Championship

Some lockups to get things started, Kofi gets the early advantage with a flying leap onto Bryan outside the ring. But, after some back and forth, Bryan tries to submit Kofi only for Kingston to get Bryan in the corner. A double stomp gives Kofi a momentary edge. Kofi tried to go for a high-risk jump off the top to the outside, only to miss an hit the table hard.

Bryan, now clearly in control, he goes to work. It was all about Bryan picking apart Kingston slowly and painfully at this point. During the punishment, WWE cut to the locker room watching on tv’s, cheering Kofi on.

Kofi tries to mount a comeback only to be caught in a Boston Crab submission. They wind up on the top rope and a series of elbows gives Kofi and change at a frog-splash. Again, the wrestlers in the back and cheering on Kofi.

The match turns into a series of close pins and reversals.

More reversals wind up with Bryan landing a labell lock… Kofi barely escapes. Bryan starts to hit Kofi with Yes kicks until Kofi comes back and fights on pure adrenaline. Kofi lands a suplex and almost gets the win.

The attention goes to the outside where Erick Rowan and New Day get into it. New Day eliminates Rowan and Bryan got caught trying to do a suicide dive. Bryan avoids a Trouble In Paradise and hits his running knee. Kofi kicks out!

Bryan goes to stomp on Kofi’s face and lands another labell lock for the third time. Kofi gets free and rains down shots on Bryan. He then starts to stomp on Bryan’s face. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise and wins the WWE Championship.

Winner: New WWE Champion Kofi Kingston

United States Championship: Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio

A huge DDT gave Rey the early advantage and a head scissors into the 6-1-9 almost gave Rey the win. Going off the ropes, Joe catches Mysterio in a quick Coquina Clutch and that was all she wrote for Mysterio.

Clearly, Rey was still hurt and WWE decided make this a quick match.

Winner: Samoa Joe by submission

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre got the early advantage with a jackknife driver. He worked on Reigns until a boot by Reigns outside the ring turns the tide. That is, until a Glascow Kiss knocks Roman down giving McIntyre total control.

Drew continues to wear down on Reigns and everything the Big Dog has tried to do, McIntyre was able to counter and continue to inflict punishment. Reigns really hadn’t mustered any offense.

Finally, Reigns starts to mount an offense after being slapped by McIntyre. A Samoan drop outside the ring gives Reigns a chance to go for more. A big running clothesline drops McIntyre. Reigns loads up for a Superman punch but misses. A headbutt by Drew, then a Superman punch lands by Reigns. He gears up for the spear, nails it and pins McIntyre for the three count.

It was a match that didn’t give McIntyre the push most might have thought was coming but it’s hard to argue with the decision to put Reigns over here.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Elias Musical Performance

Elias works the crowd by showing off three different abilities. He can play the piano, drums and guitar now? Fans chant “oh walk with Elias” and he plays guitar along with them.

He then gets into his main performance, only to be interrupted by a Breaking News Bulletin video on the big screen. A video about Babe Ruth calling his shot as a Yankee comes on. John Cena comes out with new music and the old Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick.

Cena starts to rap at Elias, cutting him down with lyrics. “You ain’t half a dog, you just a little piece of shit-zu”. Cena then turns and hits Elias with the mic, nails the FU and leaves the ring.


Batista vs. HHH

Two very cool entrances, HHH came out to a Mad Max theme. The two competitors locked eyes and traded blows. When Triple H hit Batista with a toolbox, he was ready to level Batista. He pulled out a chain and began to go to work on Batista’s back.

He then used a number of other tools in the box, including a wrench to try and cripple the Animal. He continued to grab items including pliers and a chair. He then used the pliers to pull the nose ring out of Batista’s nose.

HHH went to jump off the apron with a chain wrapped around his hand. Batista caught him and sent him through an announce table. Batista then went to work and had a clear advantage.


Throwing him into the barricade over and over, Batista grabbed a chair and began to work over The Game. He brought him back into the ring and continued to work.

The two worked their way to the outside where they wound up on the announce tables and Triple H delivered a backdrop onto the announce table that didn’t break. Triple H then got up and Batista made his way to his feet, Triple H speared him through a different announce table.


It took some time for each man to recover. While Batista was in the ring, Triple H grabbed a sledgehammer from below the ring. He walked inside and was met with a spear. A close two-count keeps the match going. Both got up but Batista delivered a spinebuster. He then landed a Batista-bomb which got an even closer two count.

Batista then grabs the ring steps and brings them into the ring. They got up the top ropes and HHH hits Batista with a powerbomb on the steps. He hits a quick pedigree and Batista kicked out!

It took a minute for the two to get up, Triple H ran for Batista and the Animal hits a DDT on the stairs standing Triple H straight up. While both men were down, Ric Flair gave Triple H a second sledgehammer and that he uses. Nails another pedigree and gets the three-count.

Winner: Triple H

Baron Corbin vs. Kurt Angle

Corbin gets the early advantage and taunts the crowd. But, while he’s taunting, Angle reverses to land three suplexes. Goes for the pin and Corbin kicks out.

Cobin lands a big boot, hits his Deep Six finisher but Angle kicks out. Angle gets the Angle Slam and Corbin kicks out. Angle lands another ankle lock but Corbin is able to get out and send Angle into the turnbuckle. Corbin then mocks Cena only to take a shot from Angle and get caught in three more German Suplexes.

The crowd gets on its feet and Angle salutes. Goes up to the top for a moonsault but Corbin moves. Corbin lands the End of Days and pins Kurt Angle for the three.

The crowd is just shocked. Angle grabs the mic and gives a speech and says let’s go out the right way. “Play my music and let’s do it!” He chantes with the fans and leaves the ring having given Corbin a huge gift.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Bobby Lashley vs. Finn Balor (Intercontinental Title Match)

Lashley comes to the ring first. The Demon Finn Balor follows iwth a very cool entrance.

Balor catches Lashley with an early spinning heel kick and sends Lashley reeling. He then lands a flip outside the ring on a stunned Lashley. He escapes back into the ring and as Balor attacks, Lashley catches him and slams him down. A big suplex back into the ring turns the tables in Lashley’s favor.

The action goes outside the ring, Balor catches Lashley with a bit of offense but as he was trying to get back in the ring, a distraction by Lio Rush allows Lashley to catch Balor with a spear. Brings him back into the ring for a close count. Balor tries to battle back from a power bomb and power bombed Lashley instead. He goes to the top for the Coup de Grace. Nails Lashley and wins the IC Title.

Winner: Finn Balor

Alexa Bliss comes out to announce WWE has set a new record with 82,265 fans in attendance record for MetLife Centre. Then she announces it’s time for a dance break. R-Truth comes out with Carmella.

Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey (C) vs. Charlotte – Women’s Title Match

The three women sized each other up at first but it was Rousey that took the early advantage. It took a double team to slow her down. That left Lynch and Flair in the middle of the ring and the two went toe-to-toe.

Rousey came back into the ring and took advantage again. It took another double team but Rousey hit an arm bar on the outside of the ropes. A dropkick by Lynch sent Rousey awkwardly out of the ring bouncing her first off the apron.

The match kept going with the three women and things got heated, all trashing talking each other. Rousey and Flair were left in the ring but Lynch bulldogged Flair and went for Rousey. Lynch hits a double DDT and tries pins on both women. Both kick out.

Lynch are Charlotte work their way up the ropes and hits a Becksploder for two. Rousey double cross-body off the ropes tries to take advantage. Rousey sinks in a double armbar and turn it into a two-woman powerbomb. Rousey hangs on and they do it again. Rousey hangs on again and gets hit with a third powerbomb.

Charlotte goes for the pin and gets a close two-count. Lynch nails Charlotte with a suplex and almost gets a three. Lynch squares off with Rousey and locks in a Disarmer. Rousey reaches the ropes and gets leverage to break the hold.

Charlotte lands a huge Spanish Fly off the top ropes and almost gets the three count. All three women at this point are struggling to get up. Rousey’s leg is pretty beat up and swollen. Charlotte puts a Figure-Four on Rousey around the ring post. Lynch breaks it up.

Rousey winds up in the ring with Charlotte and almost gets a rollup win. Charlotte comes back and a leg submission only for Lynch to jump off the top ropes to break it up. Lynch gets a table from under the ring.

The table is set with Lynch on it. Flair goes up to the top and is stopped by Lynch. Ronda gets in and dumps Charlotte out. Rousey dumps the table over and goes after Lynch. Charlotte comes back in and hits a double spear. Two count on both women.

Charlotte throws Rousey into a table she set up in the corner. Everyone is exhausted. Eventually, Flair gets hip-tossed into the table and breaks it. Lynch and Rousey are left in the ring.

Rousey goes for her finisher and lands the move only to roll over too far and Lynch takes advantage of Rousey’s shoulders on the mat. Lynch gets the three for the win.

Winner: New Undisputed Women’s Champ – Becky Lynch

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