Women’s Match No-Go For Super ShowDown

We reported yesterday the news that WWE was working on having Natalya vs. Alexa Bliss be part of Friday’s Super ShowDown PPV. When we wrote that story, it wasn’t looking good but the women had made the trip to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and there was a chance they’d be cleared by the General Saudi Sports Authority.

In a follow up to that story, Sebastian Martinez of Solo Wrestling reports that Bliss and Natalya were apparently listed for medical check-ups just prior to this afternoon’s show.

These medical check-ups were reportedly not planned, but according to a source at the local hospital in Jeddah, the medical care and check-ups are required for WWE talents while they are in town. It would make sense that those not cleared for the show wouldn’t need these check-ups.

This certainly hasn’t been confirmed by WWE and it likely won’t be. It could also be that the women are just going to appear on the show and not wrestle. That said, the same source that reported the check-up has noted that Bliss and Natalya were being cleared for a match at Super ShowDown.

It is also being reported Triple H sent an official request to The General Sports Authority (GSA) of the Saudi government for a match to take place and was awaiting a response.

Update: Women Not Cleared

For a while, things were in limbo but with each passing hour, the odds dropped that there might actually be a match. Then, just before showtime, Natalya vs. Alexa Bliss was not approved by the Saudi Arabian government.

At the very least, we’re still hoping Bliss and Natalya show up and announce a future women’s division match in the Kingdom, perhaps for WWE’s rumored return in November.

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