Will WrestleMania Bring Fans The Deadman or The American Badass?

There are conflicting reports about what WWE is planning to do with WrestleMania this year. Are they pre-taping all the footage while they still can? Are they shooting from multiple locations? Will half the speculated matches even be taking place?

As a whole, the show is going to be very different.

Those changes may cross over to a few Superstars as well. For example, The Undertaker gave the WWE Universe glimpses of a potential new look this past Monday. He didn’t come out to his iconic Undertaker entrance and there could be a reason for that.

Taker showed up on RAW dressed a little like his old American Badass character and the  Oh, You Didn’t Know Patreon account noted that The Undertaker was set to come out on a motorcycle at WrestleMania 36, likely completing his move to that character for the biggest show of the year. With the change in venue, WWE may not move forward with that plan.

A return to his old gimmick would have brought with it a very big pop from the audience. The only problem now is, there won’t be an audience. Oh You Didn’t Know notes, “It’s not clear if that will still happen with WrestleMania no longer taking place at Raymond James Stadium.” That makes sense and perhaps WWE will push this character change back.

On The Other Hand

WrestleMania is always a show that’s filled with surprises and this year, there is going to be a lot of disappointed fans. Perhaps WWE sees this as a way to fill part of the show, give the WWE Universe a little something different and make the already historic show, even more notable.

The trick will be if WWE can hide the change, should they pre-tape the PPV. In this day and age of Internet spoilers, that could be very difficult to do.

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