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Why Tessa Blanchard Was Released By Impact Wrestling [Report]

Impact Wrestling has released Tessa Blanchard and stripped her of the Impact Heavyweight Championship. The reasoning behind the move seems to be that she wasn’t living up to contracted obligations and holding the title ransom while away from the company.

While Blanchard has accomplished some incredible firsts in professional wrestling, and as Impact has strived to continue working with her during the global pandemic, Blanchard appears to be not nearly as cooperative as the company who has made her one of wrestling biggest female stars. According to PWInsider, Blanchard refused to send in promos, nor work with the company to drop the title after she decided not to be part of the company while the pandemic was ongoing.

As a result, they have taken the title off of her and terminated her contract, effective immediately.

Blanchard’s time with Impact Wrestling hasn’t always been smooth sailing. She was accused of being a bully backstage to other female wrestlers and in some cases, allegedly made racist comments that a number of other female performers testified to. She denies having ever done so, but this recent news of not getting along with Impact Wrestling have led more than a few fans to reexamine their view of her account of the incidences in question.

The question now is, what’s next for Blanchard?

Now longer with Impact Wrestling, would AEW pick her up? Her father Tully works with the company but they have a firm stance on wrestlers who are accused or have been proven to act inappropriately. It’s pretty much a zero-tolerance environment for stuff that Blanchard has been accused of.

What about WWE? She’s worked with NXT in the past and they seem more open to working around controversy.

Others have suggested Blanchard take some time off and re-evaluate her decision-making skills. Perhaps the best thing for her would be to step out of the spotlight for a while.

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