Who Should Aleister Black Face at Extreme Rules?

WWE is teasing the idea of mystery opponent for Aleister Black at Extreme Rules. Fans will finally learn who is “knocking on Aleister’s door.”

For weeks, Black has been sitting in a back room telling WWE Superstars to come pick a fight with him. WWE hasn’t hinted as to who that someone might be.

We have a few ideas:

Randy Orton

Orton has been paired up with Black at a few live events recently and Black has been getting the win over Orton on a regular basis. The idea might be to give Black a big-name opponent to get a victory over and catapult him up the totem pole on SmackDown Live, making him a new main event challenger.

Randy Orton WWE
Randy Orton WWE

We’d be ok with this as a loss for Orton doesn’t really hurt his status in WWE. Is the mystery man The Viper?

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Finn Balor

The Intercontinental Champion doesn’t have a lot going on these days. We’re secretly hoping he joins his buddies on Raw as part of the new reunion of the Club but if that doesn’t happen, having him by the mystery man against Black would be a nice consolation prize.

The problem with this scenario is that if Balor loses, unlike Orton, it does actually hurt his status in WWE. But, imagine the idea of a Demon vs Black feud? How can you not love that. It has SummerSlam written all over it.

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Velveteen Dream

The Street Profits were on Raw the other night so we know WWE is still thinking about calling up NXT guys. There’s something about the image of Dream knocking on the door and then a battle between Black and Dream that has us salivating.

Most of the time, WWE calls these guys up with no plan. Using an NXT talent in this situation would be a nice break from that cycle. And, you know Dream would take advantage and has been itching for his time to shine on the main roster. If he has to pick a fight with Black to get his shot, why not?

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We’ve been seeing vignettes for Ali since his name change and WrestleMania and he’s got this new superhero gimmick he’s trying to sell. In the meantime, Black has been acting like somewhat of a bully. If superheroes hate one thing, it’s bullies.

The only reason this one feels a bit out in left field is because Ali’s promos seem to be on the heelish side and Black is clearly playing the heel role as well.

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