Where Was Jerry Lawler For Monday’s Raw?

Despite comments from Jerry The King Lawler that he and his family were going to be in Florida for the time it was taking WWE to get all their tapings done, he was not used during commentary on Monday’s Raw. Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton were the lone commentators outside of portions of the show where the Street Profits were guests.

There was no official reason given for Lawler’s absence, but one theory is that WWE has decided not to overuse Lawler with particular concern that older stars may be more susceptible to contracting the COVID-19 virus. If that’s the case, the expectation is that Lawler will be used sparingly throughout the week. Lawler is 70 years old.

Lawler also recently commented on Asuka being out on commentary last week, saying she saved the show and WWE wanted her out there to make noise during the match. The feeling was that there wasn’t enough action in the arena, so background noise on commentary would help. If that’s accurate and a reflection of what WWE is thinking during production, it’s odd not to have a three-man team.

If there is more word on Lawler, we’ll be sure to update the story here.

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