Plans For Matt Hardy Now That He’s in AEW

AEW closed off an historic episode of Dynamite in WONDERFUL fashion as Matt Hardy officially joined the company and will appear at the Blood and Guts event. As Hardy put it on social media Thursday, “The finale of last night’s #AEWDynamite has well over 1,000,000 views in just a matter of hours – WONDERFUL!”

As stars debuted in other roles, especially when it was revealed Brodie Lee was the new leader of the Dark Order and hailed himself the Exalted One, wrestling fans weren’t sure Hardy would be coming to AEW, even though that’s what most fans wanted.

The final moments of an historic episode of AEW Dynamite didn’t disappoint.

When a drone showed up, the future seemed clear. When Hardy then appeared in the rafters and revealed himself to be The Elite’s new partner at Blood and Guts, fans realized they were watching something special.

Hardy and AEW had been teasing his arrival, specifically in the final days and weeks of his WWE contract coming to a close. He took to YouTube and told his fans he’d be examining all his options before determining where he’d go. It didn’t take long.

Hardy cited the need to have creative freedom. He’ll certainly get it in AEW. He wrote after the show completed, “Considering the uncertainty of the current world we’re all living in, last night’s @AEWonTNT was the best audience-free pro wrestling TV broadcast yet. And I’m ready to fight over it.”

The assumption is he’ll be debuting a new character name Demascus over the coming weeks.

So What Next For Hardy?

He’s not the Exalted One and he’s not Jake Roberts’ client. So what will Matt Hardy, the singles competitor be in AEW? The answer? Likely anything he wants.

There might be questions about whether or not this is a full-time deal versus a one-off, but we believe he’s signed on to be part of the bigger picture for AEW and the partnership will include some crazy ideas, all of which AEW will get behind.

If he’s given freedom to really get creative with his character, there’s no reason to believe Hardy won’t be a star. And for fans who are trashing AEW these days because they picked up another WWE cast-off, just remind yourself about how poorly WWE used Hardy. AEW sees an opportunity to let one of the most creative people in the industry run free. It could produce some incredible things.

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